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A handmade product business that first started as a hobby.

Crochet, Soaps & Oils

I learned basics of crochet in 8th grade and with time i improved myself, the idea of making it a business started when my friends started ordering crochet scarfs, it took me some time to officially launch it and it is a wise dicision.

Adding handmade soap products to my business, strated when i desided to do something about my skin and i was fond of learning how to make a natural handmade soap on my own. I had couple of tries and was satisfied with the soaps i am making and using. It showed difference and that’s when my family and friends started asking me what i am using and pushed me forward and encouraged me to start selling what i am making. It wasn’t an easy or quick decision, it took me months to put it on display and sell it to not only those who i know, but anyone who wants.

Based on request by couple of my friends another hobby that has been added to my collection is Oil making. Hopefuly with time will include more handmade products.

I believe in, start small and grow big, start with what you know and keep learner and improving yourself.

Please follow and show support for handmade product business 😀 and i always welcome new suggestions

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Upcycled jeans pouch & bookmark



Last Wednesday i worked on upcycling some unwanted clothes, and i ended up making 2 jeans pouches and one heart shaped jeans bookmark.

To make the jeans pouches i used my brother’s old jeans and two of my own blouses as the interface and lining layers, but for the bookmark i used the left overs of the jeans.

Handmade Jeans Pouches

The bottom one was the most tiring one, because the outer layer of the jeans was already sewed and it was difficult to work on a sewed layer, but the upper one i unpicked it and sewed it again with the rest of the layers, so it was easier and in my openion with better finish. So i suggest to unpick first then sew the way you want.

I already had an idea how to work on it but thought to make it the professional way so i found a link online that teaches step by step how to make it. So the first one was done according to what i read on the sewing blog and the second one (the bottom one) i did it my way. I made one pencilcase 8 years back when i was in school, unfortunately at that time i did not take a picture of it, it was really beautiful and quality work, but i lost it forever when i gave it to my teacher to display it at the recyled items exhibition at our school. 🙂 For that i took a ready made jeans pencilcase and covered it with my bell bottom jeans using a glue gun only (NO SEWING)

The unpicked and resewed one

Here’s the link: Sew Pretty: How to Sew a Makeup Bag

Now for the bookmar, i took an idea from this website: Old Denim Corner Heart Bookmark

and did it my way, I cut it into a heart chape, sewed it from the backside and applied multi purpose white glue until it dried, then i flipped it over and hemmed the borders.

Then wrote my nickname with the white glue in the center of the heart, sprinkled some glitter over, when it all got dried removed the access glitter and applied another layer of white glue on top of the glitter to protect it.

Glue coating

The almost finished look

Finished Look