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A handmade product business that first started as a hobby.

Crochet, Soaps & Oils

I learned basics of crochet in 8th grade and with time i improved myself, the idea of making it a business started when my friends started ordering crochet scarfs, it took me some time to officially launch it and it is a wise dicision.

Adding handmade soap products to my business, strated when i desided to do something about my skin and i was fond of learning how to make a natural handmade soap on my own. I had couple of tries and was satisfied with the soaps i am making and using. It showed difference and that’s when my family and friends started asking me what i am using and pushed me forward and encouraged me to start selling what i am making. It wasn’t an easy or quick decision, it took me months to put it on display and sell it to not only those who i know, but anyone who wants.

Based on request by couple of my friends another hobby that has been added to my collection is Oil making. Hopefuly with time will include more handmade products.

I believe in, start small and grow big, start with what you know and keep learner and improving yourself.

Please follow and show support for handmade product business 😀 and i always welcome new suggestions

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DIY Wrapped Earphone Cord Cover



Previously I have done a similar project DIY crochet cord cover, but this time I made it more simple and just tried wrapping the thin string yarn from Diva Batik by Alize, 100% Microfiber Acrylic, 100g, 350 mt. – 383 yds.

Diva Batik by Alize have beautiful mix colour yarns, so I used one of their mix colour yarns and cut small pieces of the yarn to get all the colours shown when covering the cord.

It took me 2 days to finish it, as I was extremely busy and tired that I couldn’t finish this project in one day.

I have used fabric glue and thin double sided tape as well to keep the wrapped strings together and not moving.

The ends of the cord or the places I couldn’t wrap were the challenge for me, how to cut the string and not letting the end of the string show, so I used fabric glue to seal it.


My new is Rug made of #Croandknit fabric yarns



I am so excited to share with you my handmade crochet rug, made from fabric yarn, it took me more than a week to finish it, but it was worth it.

I really wanted to try fabric yarn or ( T-shirt yarn) but couldn’t find it until recently. I got my yarn from a local company (Bahraini Brand) called “Cro & Knit” 100% cotton, weighs 120g and 8mm hook. The yarns are available in many colours.

As for my rug I preferred using 10 mm hook, as it was more easier and smoother to crochet. I have used 10 yarns in total of two different colours ( Brown and golden ), 5 pieces of each colour. The diameter of my round rug is 65 Cm. All the way from first raw to the 23rd raw I used cross stitch, and 24th raw was a single stitch to give it a fine finishing. My rug feels soft and smooth and medium light.

I would like to complete on my rug to make it bigger or maybe start a new rug project and much bigger.

It was a great experience making a rug matching my carpet, now I have more ideas on my mind regarding products/items made from fabric yarn.


سلام عليكم

وايد متحمسة اشاركم صورة زوليتي ( سجادة) الدائرية سويتها بكروشيه، خذ لي اكثر من اسبوع عشان اكملها، بس تستاهل كل هالمدة.

الخيوط الي استخدمتها مصنوعة من قطن 100% من شركة “كرو اند نيت” البحرينية .

وزن  120 جرام لكل حبة و مقاس الصنارة 8 مم.

لكن حق الزولية استخدمت مقاس صنارة 10 مم، و استخدمت 10 حبات خيوط، 5 من كل لون ( بني و ذهبي).

قطر الزولية 65 سم

من اول سطر لي سطر 23 استخدمت غرزة الصليبية و سطر 24 غرزة المنزلقة


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Crochet: Stuff that i tried

Hello again,

This post is about the things i made using one yarn.

I keep trying making new things using different yarn colours and sizes and for the first time i thought of actually buying a thin cotton yarn (1-3 mm hook can be used for it), usually i buy wool yarn or thick cotton yarns and use (3.00 mm – 10.00mm) hooks.

But for this one i used 1.6 mm

You can see in the pictures below the things i have made using this beautiful colour yarn, first things i made were the bookmarks, then i tried making a phone cover and then cosies. I still have yarn left to try making more things and definitely will upload my new work.

1.6 mm hook. Love the yarn colours

Things that i have made using same yarn, Bottle cosy, Bookmark, Phone cover and Mug cosy

Note 8 phone cover

Feather Bookmark

Another bookmark

Mug cosy

My mug looks beautiful now

If you like my ideas and the things i made or you have different ideas i can try please let me know through a comment below.

Thanks 😀

Yellow & Red Bell Pepper Sauce Pasta


Couple of months a go I tried different pasta sauces at a festival, and they tasted amazing, so I thought of trying to make my own pasta sauces at home.

I did not expect that the sauces would taste REALLY GOOD and the recipe is very simple. Twice i tried making pasta differently and below are the pictures.

Sauce Ingredients:

  • 2 Bell peppers
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 1 medium onion
  • salt
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/2 lemon juice

How to:

First I cut the bell peppers into small pieces and then put all the ingredients in the blender and bled it well. After blending all the ingredients together i let the mixture simmer on medium heat until the mixture became thicker and while it was on the stove i added dried oregano and basil to it . I set the mixture aside to let it cool and put in the jar and poured olive oil on top to preserve.

When making Pasta:

to make the pasta sauce i just add some water to the pan and one cube of chicken stock and 5 table spoons of the sauce and mix it, then I add pasta on top and cook for couple of minutes or cover it and put it in the oven.


Yellow and red bell pepper sauces with olive oil on top


1st try - 03
Yellow Bell Pepper sauce pasta – Cooked

1st try -01
Baked Red Bell Pepper Sauce

1st try - 02
Red Bell Pepper Sauce Pasta – Baked

2nd try
Yellow Sauce Pasta – Baked

2nd try - 03
Yellow Sauce Pasta

2nd try - 02
Yellow sauce pasta – baked


2nd try
Red pepper Sauce pasta – cooked

2nd try
Red Pepper sauce pasta

You are a Queen ..#WomansDay

You are a Queen

To the women that inspired me and keep inspiring me ❤


My Grandma

You have a big heart and so much patience, your sacrifices won’t go waste. You play a very big role in making me who I am today. ❤

To My Mother

A single parent is a warrior, and you are the toughest warrior I’ve ever know, by looking at you I grew strong and confident that YES WOMEN DO NOT NEED SOMEONE TO RELY ON, IN THEIR LIFE. ❤

My Cousin Samar

Life experiences make a woman grow strong, and you are stronger than you think you are. Never give up in and on life, you are a warrior and warriors never give up. You are my sister, my friend and my cousin, in your toughest times you helped me when you needed help the most, you have a big heart <3.

My Bestie Shahendah

You are an inspiration, where ever you go you shine bright like a diamond, what ever you do brings a smile on someone’s face. Your personality makes anyone respect you and listen to you. You’ve always been there to guide me. You are one of a kind and I still learn from you. ❤

My Bestie Zainab

You are a gift from god, a beautiful soul, mind and the kindest heart. When I needed a partner you were there, when needed to share you were the sister and friend to listen and share, my life gained it’s balance with you. ❤

My Friend Sara Al Dosery

Strong and dedicated to what ever you step into. You inspire me. ❤

My Friend Haya Al Hajari

You are the coolest woman I’ve ever been friends with, you make life seem easier, and not many people are capable of making others feel relaxed and comfortable. You are Strong and you will achieve what you aim for. ❤



To Myself

I apologise to myself for underestimating myself and my capabilities, and not knowing my worth. The woman I grew into with time is far more stronger than the definition I had of a strong woman. Respect to myself ❤


Woman's day

Tuna Rusk, Microwave #recipe



I’ve got this simple and easy snack or breakfast recipe that can be made in microwave. I hope when you try it, you like it.

it is not spicy at all but tastes soo good, tuna and butter wow …



1- One small can of tuna (shredded) or you can use shredded chicken instead

2- Rusks

3- Slices of butter

4- Salt and pepper for seasoning

5- Coriander for garnishing


How to:

1- Shred tuna and season it with salt and pepper

2- Lay one thin slice of butter on rusk and put tuna on top of it

3-Lay another thin slice of butter on top of the tuna and put it in microwave for 30 seconds to 1 min.

4- Garnish it with coriander leaves





Crochet Bookmarks

For a long time I was thinking how to make a bookmark from crochet, so I got an idea to check the YouTube for some ideas and I tried two so far and I really love the results.

Soon will try other ideas and post the results, these two were very easy to make.


Hope you like it



bookmark crochet
Crochet Bookmark

Feather Bookmark
Crochet Feather Bookmark

I am a Toastmaster

Who ever hears the name of Toastmsters for the first time thinks it’s a culinary club.

That’s what I thought when my mother first joined Toastmasters, I was excited that I will get a chance to taste great food, and yes I did  get that chance, but she wasn’t the one who cooked. It was the restaurant they ordered from in every meeting.

Well Toastmasters helps to develop communication and leadership skills.

In 2004 my mother took a decision to in role me and my brother in Youth Leadership Program (YLP), at that time I was reluctant and I was afraid of speaking in-front of people with my weak English. At that time I understood everything but wasn’t able to construct a proper sentence and communicate with others in English.

I still remember the day when we had to attend an introductory meeting, and Toastmasters Mohammed Saleem from PACT asked me “What’s your name and age?”, and I stood up shivering, I couldn’t see anything, darkness was in-front of my eyes. I couldn’t say my name properly, but I said my name nervously and sat down. That was the worst moment for me, that fear resulted in having severe headache for two days continuously.

For 8 weeks I, my brother, my cousins and all my friends been in this program. This program encouraged me to join Gavels Club (Pact Orators Gavel Club, POGC). Gavels club is affiliated with Toastmasters and for teenagers who are below 18.  I discovered myself and my skills after joining gavels club, in a very short time I was able to speak confidently even if I did not have proper words to express myself so I managed to explain in very simple and understandable words. Along with developing my speaking skills and vocabulary, I focused on my accept and pronunciation of certain words. I have been told many times “You have that Arabic Accent in speaking English”, so my goal was to speak a neutral accent ( I don’t even know what it means LOL).

I was 18 when I joined the first Advanced Toastmasters Club in Bahrain called (Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters, BAT) instead of joining a normal and regular Toastmasters Club. Advanced Club is for those who have completed their basic 10 projects ( Competent Communicator projects ). I have learned many things from my senior Toastmasters in a very short time. I had quality time in that club and was the best experience I have had in Toastmasters.

Then I carried on my journey to become a charter member of Young Adults Toastmasters Club following that after many years again became a charter member of newly opened Toastmasters Club called (Bahrain Eloquent Toastmasters) and still a member. I have sponsored few clubs and mentored one. I have tried my best to evaluate in Arabic Toastmasters clubs. Participated in contests and got first or second position. I am taking my journey slow and at ease. The things are used to fear I enjoy them now just like Table topics 😀 .

I am a toastmaster since 2005. Toastmasters was the platform I needed to discover my self, to have enough confidence to express myself. The confidence I gained was not only to speak in public, but to be confident about anything in life. Where I am standing today, what I have done in my life and the opportunities I have had a partial credit goes to Toastmasters.

It’s never too late to discover your skills or polish them, conquering your fear will make you master of yourself.

Life will change .