Fo’s / Fo Collection

A handmade product business that first started as a hobby.

Crochet, Soaps & Oils

I learned basics of crochet in 8th grade and with time i improved myself, the idea of making it a business started when my friends started ordering crochet scarfs, it took me some time to officially launch it and it is a wise dicision.

Adding handmade soap products to my business, strated when i desided to do something about my skin and i was fond of learning how to make a natural handmade soap on my own. I had couple of tries and was satisfied with the soaps i am making and using. It showed difference and that’s when my family and friends started asking me what i am using and pushed me forward and encouraged me to start selling what i am making. It wasn’t an easy or quick decision, it took me months to put it on display and sell it to not only those who i know, but anyone who wants.

Based on request by couple of my friends another hobby that has been added to my collection is Oil making. Hopefuly with time will include more handmade products.

I believe in, start small and grow big, start with what you know and keep learner and improving yourself.

Please follow and show support for handmade product business 😀 and i always welcome new suggestions

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DIY wrapped words

Hello and Happy Friday
This DIY is very simple and easy to make, you can make it in an hour or less, depending on the size and materials you are using. I used cardboard, yarn and glue.

My first try was “love”, but soon I unwrapped because the cardboard broke while it was wrapped, it was looking loose. I made another one but I used glue in it to protect it from breaking and keep it hard.

I cut the carboard and wrapped red yard over it using glue

My third try was my nickname “Fo” I loved it more than my previous tries, because it looks much neater and after wrapping it I dipped the finished work in glue and water mixture. It became hard and the wrapped yarn doesn’t move or come off easily. 

I used double layer of cardboard, wrapped it and dipped it in glue and water mixture and let it dry for few hours

DIY Painted Fig Leaves


Few days back i saw a tutorial how to draw and colour a tree leaf, i rememberd i had some dried leaves under my books and thought to colour them instead of drawing one.


These leaves are pressed and won’t separate from another orelse they will break, that thin and delicate they are. I just did my best to give it a galaxy look, i know there is no black and i intentionally avoided it, i let the end of each leaf and shadows take up the black colours role. I am going to frame it and hang it in my room.

Quilling Art

Hello again,

This August i tried Quilling Art, which is paper coiling and shaping art, i just did two letters F & O which makes my nickname ‘Fo’.

Designing each letter took me a day. It is a bit tiring, but totally worth trying. It can be a beautiful birthday gift idea or you can decorate your room with it.

I used only 6 colour papers i had, shredded them, and stick them with white craft glue.


My Birthday Gift To My Self

Click here to  Learn the Basics of Quilling Paper .

DIY Stones Placemat


I did this DIY project just to try and check the results, and i liked it but i could have done it better. I just saw some online pictures of stones placements and thought of trying it my way, which was actually glue consuming way, but it was good.Then i checked online how to do it, and it was way different and i am not sure that way the stones will stick for long.


What i used:

  • cardboard
  • hot glue
  • purple stones
  • brown string

How i did it:


So, first i cut 2 carboard pieces in round shape, took one of them and started placing my stones on it to give them a shape, i did not glue the stones on the cardboard. after that i took my glue gun and started applying it ontop of the stones until they were covered with hot glue.


when the glue cools off, take the two round cut cardboards and glue them together.


Glue carboard to the glued part of the stones, and put some heavy weight on them till the whole thing dries.


I brushed the stones with white glue mixed with water, just to give it some extra shine.




Final Look, Stones placemat

All the items used to make this piece, are recycled items.

I got these small stones from my mothers old fish tank, washed them many times, soaked them over night in baking soda and water. The carboard is from my old notepad. And the strings are from coriander bundels i purchase from the veg vendor.

You can purchase river stones, they are more flat and better looking, instead of cardboard you can use cork-board and of course you can purchase brown strings from any arts shop.


DIY yarn hanging


Few days back i saw a post about DIY yarn hanging, it encouraged me to make one since i had intention to do something similar. It is very easy to make using very basic and simple materials that you might find in your house or your garden. What i love about this DIY decoration is; it does not require much effort or materials, yarn can be found at any store and in different colours, you have the freedom of choice to use any kind of colour and material and make it in any shape and length.

It took me almost an hour because, i was slow and doing manything at a time otherwise it wouldn’t take more than half an hour to make.

DIY Yarn Hanging

Material i used:

  • Cotton/wool yarn ( i hade this one from years and was wondering what to make of it )
  • Scissors
  • Ring ( i used our old microwave’s support roller ring )
  • Paper yarn
  • Glue gun img_20161017_130630-01.jpeg

What to do:

Fist of all it is not necessary to use a ring, you can use a tube or a twig, but since i wanted to recyle the roller ring i used it, same thing with yarns, i had them from very long time and i did not know what to do with them so i used them and luckily colours match. If you don’t have paper yarn then you can paint the ring of what ever shape you are using.

I cut the rollers attached to the ring to have a propper round shape. I used glue gun and paper yarn to cover the ring and that is the only part that took time because, i was very careful to apply very small and sufficient amount of glue before it dries.

Paer Yarn Covered Roller Ring

I cut the coloured yarn in some length (I did not measure it at all), and looped it onto the ring and pulled it tight. At the end i trimmed the bottom V shape, but you can also try ( / , ^ , semi circle or straight line).