Crochet: Stuff that i tried

Hello again, This post is about the things i made using one yarn. I keep trying making new things using different yarn colours and sizes and for the first time i thought of actually buying a thin cotton yarn (1-3 mm hook can be used for it), usually i buy wool yarn or thick cotton... Continue Reading →


Crochet Bookmarks

For a long time I was thinking how to make a bookmark from crochet, so I got an idea to check the YouTube for some ideas and I tried two so far and I really love the results. Soon will try other ideas and post the results, these two were very easy to make.   Hope... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Writing (Even If You Have a Day Job): 5 Tips from Novelist Jennifer Close

We all face this problem, when we want to do something but somehow we just can't or we stop doing it. Currently I am facing this issue myself and trying my very best to resolve this issue before summer ends.   I find these tips very helpful, it pushes you to get back on the... Continue Reading →

Agatha Christie ebook collection

    The first novel I read in my life was written by Agatha Christie, translated in Arabic. Her style of writing and creating suspense made me love reading books in general. Agatha Christie is the world's best selling author of all time, and she is best known for her detective novels. I always wanted to have... Continue Reading →

كتاب: كيف اصبحوا عظماء

كتاب كيف أصبحوا عظماء يرشد إلى خطوات النجاح الثلاث التي اتبعها العظماء  والناجحين من الشرق والغرب والقدماء والمعاصرين . المؤلف سعد سعود الكريباني. الناشر مكتبة العبيكان  قرائتي للكتاب حفزتني كثيرا لأكمل ما بدأته، و اعدت ترتيب و تحديد اهدافي و طموحي  لأسعى لتحقيقها.عندما اهداني زميلي في الجامعة هذا الكتاب، كنت اواجه صعوبات  كثيرة وقتها، فقدت... Continue Reading →

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