Fo’s / Fo Collection

A handmade product business that first started as a hobby.

Crochet, Soaps & Oils

I learned basics of crochet in 8th grade and with time i improved myself, the idea of making it a business started when my friends started ordering crochet scarfs, it took me some time to officially launch it and it is a wise dicision.

Adding handmade soap products to my business, strated when i desided to do something about my skin and i was fond of learning how to make a natural handmade soap on my own. I had couple of tries and was satisfied with the soaps i am making and using. It showed difference and that’s when my family and friends started asking me what i am using and pushed me forward and encouraged me to start selling what i am making. It wasn’t an easy or quick decision, it took me months to put it on display and sell it to not only those who i know, but anyone who wants.

Based on request by couple of my friends another hobby that has been added to my collection is Oil making. Hopefuly with time will include more handmade products.

I believe in, start small and grow big, start with what you know and keep learner and improving yourself.

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#2017 #HappyNewYear

Happy new year and a happy new start to everyone.

I am glad that 2016 is over. It was one tough year, but I wish the coming year brings ease and joy to our life, reunites us with the our loved ones that we miss, brings peace and puts a smile on our faces.

Every year we have a new resolution, but since few years I have stopped making new year resolutions, because I never thought they would come true, until I started believing in myself more and more with time, and got to know that I am capable of making my dreams come true, and what I determine to do, I can achieve it.

This year’s resolution is ” to focus on myself more, and achieve all my goals with the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years”. This resolution sounds boring and ordenary to most of us, but I believe it’s always better to start with yourself first to achieve greater goals.
I wish 2017 to be the year of success and happiness for all of us.