The Last Lecture & بيكاسو و ستاربكس

Yesterday, Cover to cover book club had their monthly book discussion gathering at Stick House,Seef Mall.
Though i haven’t finished reading last months selected books, but was so excited to attend the gathering and hear the discussion of who ever has read it fully.

Discussion gathering have never been waste of time, because while sharing your opinions around different aspects of the book and hearing what others think about it, creates some kind of awareness about other mentalities and even you get to know more about the writer’s personality and his thoughts. The ideas that you haven’t caught, others might have,and that’s where you expand your knowledge and open new horizons of thoughts.

At the end of the discussion of “Azazeel and The Room”, they have announce December’s Books to read,which are “Picasso & Starbucks for Yasser Hareb, (Arabic Book)” and “The Last Lecture for the late Randy Pausch, (English Book)”. The book club usually discusses two books, one in English and the other in Arabic.

However, i am very excited to read these two books. Because i have so much to learn from this book, get inspired, motivated and increase my knowledge. I believe Yasser is one of the great thinkers who point out the typical faulty thoughts rampant among us, and trying to get us out of traditional thinking and the usual boilerplate.
Randy Pausch, he himself is a true inspiration for everyone, i have seen his interview with Opera and saw his last lecture video. He made me realize things that i already knew but did not pay attention towards, his words actually organized my thought, priorities and made a difference in me and the way i think.

Great writers inspire and make a change in readers life, and both of them have changed something in me and added more values in my basket.

Links to download e-books:

1- The Last Lecture

2- بيكاسو و ستاربكس , Yasser Hareb’s (ياسر حارب) Blog: English عربي


Woman this month Bahrain Edition has interviewed Booksessed members (Shoug Al Tamimi & Fakhira Syed) about love of reading and about Booksessed group in their December 2013 issue.

I hope you enjoy reading the article which is written by Simi Kamboj. Link: Booksessed Members Interview

If the Road to success was SMOOTH !!



SELF made people say : we studied hard, under the light of the candle … between the mosquitoes, we suffered for years to become who we are today ♥ 

a respect for all those who suffered to get to where they are today, and respect for all those who think this way and love to work hard to gain something valuable.

if the road to success was out of stones no one would value anything in their lives, living on earth would’ve been disgusting and pointless. disgusting to see carelessness from every side, pointless when you have nothing to be proud of pointless when you don’t feel the happiness u feel after working hard to achieve your dream or the thing you wanted.

The results of getting what ever you think of without putting an effort to get it is much more than the two results have been mentioned earlier. 

Just sit in a quiet place and think !!!

what would happen if there was no struggle to get something and how would that affect up on us ? 

surely you will reach so the correct answer if you are thinking correctly. 


p.s i wrote after such a long time



الكتاب الاخضر | The Green Book …. By President Qathafi

Since Starting of Feb 2011 and i have been hearing about Qathafi … Never heard of him before nor i was interested in hearing about any politicians or presidents … Simply NOT INTERESTED

But since Feb, i have been recieving Broadcasts about Insane Qathafi Speeches and his 2 pages of his so called ” The GREEN BOOK ” sounded like a new movie LOL …

well after reading those two pages, i wanted to read the whole book … and GUESS WHAT ??!!

I got it and i’ve gto the links for the Arabic book link , and the link for the English version too.

Arabic Book:

English Translation:

Hope you Enjoy the Comic Book of Qathafi … LOL

Deeds of ’10 experience for ’11, Happy new year

Dear friends

Before Tomorrow comes and we stand on the edges on 2010 to jump into 2011, I would like to share few words with you.

Year 2010 from its beginning till its end had so many memories; happy, beautiful, sad, painful and delight memories. But the most important thing I want all of us to emphasize on, the lessons and experiences we have gained and learned from this year. It is very important to realize our mistakes and correct them, because both doing mistake and correcting it, gives you a different kind of experience that has its own taste and beauty.

As for me I DO NOT regret anything, because if I didn’t do WRONG or let’s say a MISTAKE I wouldn’t gain that experience and tasted what it felt that time.  Life never was always sweet and beautiful or sour and terrible; a mixture of both makes it perfect.

“BE STRONG, BE POSITIVE, BE WHO YOU ARE, NEVER GIVE UP and you will shoot to the moon. ~ by Fo! “

“Do you know that there’s still a chance for you
Cause there’s a spark in you

You just got to ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you’re a firework
Come on show ’em what your worth
Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
As you shoot across the sky-y-y “ ~ by Katy Perry

Remember these words and never give up, and let your new year be the new beginning for your success, and better future.

“I’m still the same but with different Style and goals” let it be your motto for 2011 and start putting resolutions; they are your goals for 2011, and as a facebook Toastmasters says: “What your vision for 2011? Remember if there is no vision the people perish. By wade Randolph. “

So let us start this new hijri and 2011 with a positive thinking and attitude. Let our experience role its wheel in this coming year to benefit us in each and every step we take in 2011. And may we gain good knowledge with fresh experience that will help us in our coming years INSHALLAH.

“Learn to re-engineer yourself for 2011. Let your greatness shine through! wade Randolph”

A happy new year

Fakhira Syed

A blind guy taught me a lesson

From few days I was frustrated and suffering from the sudden load from all the sides in short period.

We were driving back home, So just to change my mood we stopped at “water garden” and started enjoying the weather, looking at people and observing them.

While sitting on the bench that was facing the super train, looking at people riding it, our eyes caught a family of 4, a mother, a father, a lil sister and a blind brother.

the blind guy’s family was helping him to sit in the train, he was alone in his seat, no one was sitting beside him, and his father was sitting right behind him and his mother and sister were sitting in the front seat.

The train started moving, and all the time my eyes were watching him, his facial expressions and his body language. When the train started moving he got afraid, and terrified, he can’t see, he can only feel and imagine how it looks like.

All through the round he was scared and god knows better what else he was feeling, from his face I could tell, he was scared to death, and had thousands of questions in his mind, “”” what on earth is happening?? what am I experiencing tonight?? where have they brought me?? What’s going on?? “””.. All these questions would pop up in my mind too, if I was in his place.

But surprisingly, when his father came to take him, he asked him: ” did you enjoy it son? “.
He replied with a wide smile: ” yes I have enjoyed” … That moment, when I saw his sudden action and reply to his father, I said to myself, ( who can be more positive than him and brave ). A moment back he was scared from what’s going on, because he couldn’t see, he was holding tight the handle so that he doesn’t fall. He was going through a tough time. But when he has been asked about his experience, he positively happily replied that he did. He didn’t complaint about his fear, he didn’t even bother to look back and tell his family that how afraid he was, instead he looked at the brighter side that he experienced something new and enjoyed as much as the others did.

After watching the scene, my heart melted and all the frustration, suffocation and all the disturbing feelings were washed away. I realised that god has given me everything(alhamdulilah) I’m fit, fine healthy and better than anyone else. But still get annoyed from small pressures, tensions and ups and downs in life. While he has something less than me, but he still didn’t make his weakness his tension in his life, he is living better than me, enjoying his life and experiencing new things.

This guy today opened my eyes to many things in my life. I have learned a lesson just by observing him. Like my visit to the garden had hidden a great relief and lesson for me.

We have everything in our lives, but yet we demand for more, and forget to thank god. We face a tension or a problem, we panic and get upset on it, but we never realise how would blinds, handicapped, deaf, and dumps live everyday of their lives knowing that they have something less than everyone has.

We should learn a lesson from them, no matter how you are living, what is your condition. You should always think positively, thank god and never lose hope.

الحمد لله على كل حال

11:25:54 pM
Sat, Dec 3, 2010

Injaz Bahrain Designing Company

– Company name:Sparks IBDC (Injaz Bahrain Designing Company).
– Slogan:
Your confidence ignites our sparks.
– Vision:
To be the best designing company in the gulf and spark among all the youngEnterprise companies.
– Mission Statement:
To produce and design unique and trendy products that areEnvironment friendly based on possessed skills of the employees andto be the best in the markets.
– Product:
In the beginning of the season we started producing a set of handmade cards,Key chains and Accessories based on seasonal events( eid . national day .Birthdays. Etc; ) But these products didn’t gain the interest of the customers weseeked for.
As a result we (the company) agreed to switch our products intosomething that would get the attention of the customers which is recyclingpapers and designing them in order to increase our profit.
Company Employees:
President: Mariam Abdulla Abdulrahman
Executive Secretary: Salma Ahmad Ebrahim
VP Finance: Mala’a Suliman
VP HR: Asma Ayoob
VP production: Fatima Nasarallah
VP Marketing: Fakhira Qumar.
VP ITC: Budoor Kaldari
This is a student company called sparks by Injaz Bahrain for government schools, we started this company in September 2007 and ended it in march 10 2008..
It was a great opportunity for me, too meet new people and learn , and gain knowledge.
Location: School , and معهد الشيخ خليفة للتكنولوجيا و التدريب

Pact Orators Gavel Club

“Your dreams are your possibilities “

Fellow Friends, Pact Orators Gavel Club was formed in October 2004. The founder of the club was DTM Mohammad Salim and he was also the first counselor of the club. Our second counselor was TM Shabbir, and now the third counselor is TM Akhlaq Abbasi, and assistant counselor TM Farkhanda Al- Bukhari.
The reason behind forming the club for youngsters was to continue developing the communicable skills and leadership qualities after completing the Youth leadership Programmers. During this period the POGC reached too many miles stones and in BTAC 2006 -07 received second award in Humorous speech by Gravellier Ali Anayat. In 2008 two hard working gaveliers won the second and third position in Youth contest (Asiya M. Amjad and Fakhira syed). Also Our gaveliers are the only gaveliers in Bahrain who participate In toastmasters activities, such as Btac , Dtac 2008, other clubs activities.

Pact Orators gavel club is a place where you can improve your skills, so take the chance and be the shining member of this club. Remember Toastmastring is all about caring and sharing.

For more information please visit our website: Email us on: