How do you know it’s your passion? — Shatter the Fourth Wall

"The only connection and the only fuel that allows you to immerse yourself in it is the fact that you find it worthwhile." "It’s a title you would love to have by your name, it’s a thing you take pride in and once engaged, garners and maintains your full attention – with ease. Once you… Continue reading How do you know it’s your passion? — Shatter the Fourth Wall


August 14th

On August 14th Pakistan celebrates Independence Day. Speaking to the constituent assembly days before the partition of India in 1947, the founding leader of Pakistan said: You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State… Continue reading August 14th


How to Have Healthy Alone Time — MakeItUltra™

By Eric Perry, PhD-c Audio version | Click here “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~ Aristotle When was the last time you had a day to yourself? If you are like most people it was probably a while ago. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by external stimuli. […]… Continue reading How to Have Healthy Alone Time — MakeItUltra™


Kinder Egg Cupakes — BAKER MAN

Who doesn't love kinder egg !! This recipe post has details one can imagine while reading the instructions. Can't wait to try making it and decorating it, can imagine fantastic results already. 😀   Easter is over. Any chances you’ve got some left over kinder chocolate? via Kinder Egg Cupakes — BAKER MAN



WHY leads to everything   I came across this blog post, and it reminded me of my mission again, and made me ask my self WHY when ever I get out of the track, blank or depressed. This WHY gives you great motivation and power to pursue life.   SO WHAT IS YOUR WHY?    … Continue reading Why?


Honey Lavender Lemonade #recipe #Homemade

A few weeks back I was having lunch with a friend of mine at a quaint restaurant in Fremantle. Bread in Common is one of my favourite places to eat. It has high ceilings, a cozy atmosphere, and vintage vibes as it is situated in an old revamped warehouse. The food is delicious, the menu… via… Continue reading Honey Lavender Lemonade #recipe #Homemade


How to Keep Writing (Even If You Have a Day Job): 5 Tips from Novelist Jennifer Close

We all face this problem, when we want to do something but somehow we just can't or we stop doing it. Currently I am facing this issue myself and trying my very best to resolve this issue before summer ends.   I find these tips very helpful, it pushes you to get back on the… Continue reading How to Keep Writing (Even If You Have a Day Job): 5 Tips from Novelist Jennifer Close


Reflecting on Four Years of Blogging

This blog post talks about me. I still feel like what I’m writing isn’t good enough, so I keep erasing sentences and re-write them and sometimes i miss out important points that I wanted to write because of that.

But i always write from my heart and I find that easier that following rules to attract readers. Because one a friend said “A message that comes from heart, reaches others hearts as well”

I really loved these quotes:

“I imagined that everything that was holding me back from being completely honest in my writing, was all stuck in my shoulders. So I shook my arms until I could feel the words exit through my fingertips.”

“I often say that blogging is like talking to yourself, and then realizing someone heard you. ”

“There are so many rules about how to blog, and what to write about, and how to present your thoughts. I try not to follow any of them – it’s just not me.”

Source: Reflecting on Four Years of Blogging

The Captain's Speech

What if no one reads my blog? What if someone leaves me a really mean comment? What if I’m criticized? What if my ideas are only interesting to me? What if this blog is a mistake? What if I just go to sleep, instead?

Four years ago today, those were just a few of the questions that shook every bone in my body as I sat in my bedroom with the lights off, in the wee hours of the morning, and started this blog.

I think back to that moment quite a bit. It’s a good one.

At no point in my life did the thought of starting a blog ever cross my mind, until a few days before I actually did. As weird as it sounds, it felt like something I had to do. As if the universe was pushing me in that direction.

And I’ll be honest, most…

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Do we really get what we want?

There is always a reason behind everything. Our thoughts attract things to occur. Our will power helps to make them occur. And what ever happens, happens for good.