Crochet Hook BH


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Crochet Hook BH  is a newly started handmade accessories business.

It started when my friends started requesting to buy what I make from pouches, scarfs and hats, after seeing them on my private Instagram and Facebook.

It encouraged me to take my hobby to a another level and start selling what I make.



Initial products are all on request/pre-order:

  • Hats : beany, slouchy, panda hat…etc
  • Scarfs: Crochet and hand knitted
  • Phone case/cover
  • Head bands
  • Quilling letters

And i am always up to try making new things 😉

Social media accounts:

  • Instagram: @CrochetHook_bh
  • Facebook: Crochet Hook BH


To place order:

WhatsApp: +973-66970822