“Fakhira The Great” My 1st ice-breaker speech

This is my first ice-breaker speech at (Gavel Club) in 2005, the objective of ice-breaker speech is to introduce ourselves, and speak in front of an audience.

It wasn’t my first time to speak in front of an audience, but it was my first time to speak about myself. I have done a YLP (Youth Leadership Program) in 2004, 8 weeks program, and that encouraged me to join Gavel Club and then Toastmasters.

After few years I’ve made some changes to this speech to deliver it again as an icebreaker in a different club. At that time that’s all i had to say about myself, but now I’ve much more to say and write about, many things have changed, new dreams and goals are built, probably another upcoming speech.


“Fakhira the great”

The pain that our parents take in upbringing us, cannot be recompensed even in centuries to them and to our teachers as well.  One must always do what is pleasing, in the satisfaction of these is all penance completed.

I was born in the hottest month of the year … in August 1991. when I was born, they named me “ Fakhira ” and I was the first child of my parents. Fakhira is an Arabic name which means glorious or magnificent, splendid and elegant … people with this name are usually humanitarian, broad-minded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity. 

I was born in Manama “Salmania Hospital”. At the age of 3 when a little child begins to learn the wonders of it’s surroundings, I was enrolled to a pre-school at “Pakistan Urdu school, Manama” … years passed and I grew up, I completed my pre schooling in 3 years . then in 1997 I was enrolled at Fatima Bint Al Khattab Primary school, and after a year I shifted to “East Riffa Primary Girls School”, and so on after 5 years of that I went to “East Riffa Intermediate Girls School”, later after 3 years to “West Riffa Secondary Girls School” and in 2009 I graduated-Finally.

I want to be a well-respected and known personality on this planet. That’s why first I wanted to be in army to protect my country “was influenced by war movies of my time”  then I wanted to be a doctor, after couple of years I changed my mind and wanted to be a business woman, but again I changed my mind and finally decided to be an engineer, following this dream and passion of being an engineer I chose MECHATRONICS Engineering.

Many people have different hobbies, there are many kinds of hobbies as well. My hobbies might look familiar and similar to others, but I have my own style of practicing my hobbies.

My hobbies are, collecting natural stuff such as unique stones …  doing creative stuff …. and not to forget about cooking and inventing new kind of dishes …. I LOVE cooking, sometimes I cook my own dinner, which is noodles, because it’s very easy to cook. Believe me I am good in cooking. one day I took a recipe from Indian food’s book and cooked a dish called “Chicken Balty” which means “Chicken Bucket” LOL … funny but TASTY

Now you know about my hobbies, do you know I love Reading crime books, novels and my favorite author is AGATHA CHRISTY.

They say it is behavior alone that creates friends and foes. I have many friends and no foes, friends are great gifts. The holy prophet (peace be up on him ) said (he is poor who doesn’t have a friend). Thank god I have many friends, where ever I go I make friends. So I am not a bore person.

but it happens sometimes I get bored, so I try to practice my hobbies or try to do something new, before getting addicted to Facebook I had a lot of things to do when I used to get bored, such as watching TV, playing basket ball, or listen to music. I still listen to music, I used to love Pakistani songs of Pakistani bands, later I switched to old Hindi songs the ones which were sung by Lata, Kishor Kumar, Mohammed Rafi …etc. later with time I started liking heavy metal, rock, pop, trance  and… etc

This is a really short introduction of Fakhira Syed, but I hope you enjoyed  listening to it, always remember never be too serious, be serious when you work hard and don’t miss a second to have fun and laugh … keep smiling, your smile can do wonders …