See beauty from my eyes #Bahrain #BeautifulBahrain

Life is Beautiful and so is Bahrain…

I like it, so I snap it… And each picture has a beautiful story or occasion behind it…

Beauty is everywhere, we just have to look carefully.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and would love to know your thoughts about them.

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There might be some repetitive pictures in these two blog posts, but i thought they should be displayed again and big.











My first bouquet try

Today is my Uncle’s Birthday (12.12.16), and I thought of doing something different since the weather is amazing and flowers have bloomd, so thought of making a flower bouquet, so I picked random flowers and put them in an empty candle glass with some water and put the glass in a popsicle sticks candle holder that I made.

I just randomly put the flowers and kept rearranging them till I got satisfied with the look.

Not everyone can get roses everyday, so why not use the available garden flowrs.

And for my next bouquet try, I bought a new plant “Christmas Planter” that grows new red leaves and as the leaves get old they turn green.

#BeautifulBahrain Random clicks

Bahrain is a small island, and i love makin Bahrain look beautiful.

Mostly i share picture on my instagram, but my account is private, so i started sharing them on Twitter under the hashtag #BeautifulBahrain & #Bahrain.

I take random pictures of ramdom things or places, sky is the limit so i am fond of it. Nature is cure and sea is the medicine.

I use my phone or galaxy camera to take pictures. 


Full Moon “Bader” بدر

Bader is an Arabic name means full moon.

I love taking pictures of the moon, especially when it’s a full moon. There is something special about it just like the sea. I was trying my best to take a good picture of the full moon from Galaxy Camera, and i think results are not bad.

This picture was taken on 15th of September, 2016 at 7:57 PM – Bahrain.