Reflecting on Four Years of Blogging

Originally posted on The Captain's Speech:
What if no one reads my blog? What if someone leaves me a really mean comment? What if I’m criticized? What if my ideas are only interesting to me? What if this blog is a mistake? What if I just go to sleep, instead? Four years ago today,…

Life is beautiful and dreams are possible

  ” We all the survivors of life. I always asked myself “Why life is so hard, and why do I have to go through all the pain?” A question that almost everyone asks himself at some point in his life. “   I opened my speech with these words. I was given a chance…

5 Simple Ways to Stay Inspired

Written by Paul S. (USA) Founder of: OakTownVibes It’s normal to become unmotivated whether you’re just starting out or you have already made major progress. Believing that something is wrong… Source: 5 Simple Ways to Stay Inspired I loved this blog post and thought to reblog it in my account.