2020 was the best year ❤

Since 2017 i was wondering when time will change and i get to actually see a real big difference in my life, as repetitive events & routine stuff were very harmful for my mental health & killing me slowly.

As usual I kept running away from what was killing me and bothering, I got carried away for some time with future life lessons that I felt at that time, that is the change BUT deep inside I always knew it’s not the change that i am asking for.

2019 was the year I just had enough. It was a give up year on everything and everyone in my life. It was the year I just wanted to focus on myself and set new rules and life goals. Hoping I might see the change I want to see and feel.

It is very important for anyone I believe to realise what’s going wrong & missing in self or life & work on it to be & live better. I did not have my hopes high this time but just went with the flow and valued & respected myself more.

Giving more to others and letting go of your core beliefs/values and neglecting self is harmful as much as being stubborn and not accepting your flaws.

As 2019 was ending I was stressed if 2020 will really be different.
As 2020 came regardless of what Covid-19 has done with the world and people, whatever was going around me at that time, it was the best year EVER for me and inshaAllah good times & years last forever. I just kept praying to god, asking him whatever I want to see and have in my life. In every prayer i made sure I ask him something.

Magically my dreams, wishes, thoughts have started coming true, i got married to a wonderful caring partner Alhamdulilah, what bothers me gets resolved, what i want, happens, Alhamdulilah, as if Allah has given me a magical wand. After many years of hardship I can say 2020 was a blessing. Alhamdulilah.

His way of making things happen is not always smooth but we get desired results for sure. Alhamdulilah for everything.
ان بعد العسر يسرا
Verily with every difficulty there is relief.

What I learned and want to share is “Never loose hope, Allah doesn’t forget anyone.” Focus on yourself, try to correct yourself, and never ever loose hope in pray to god, asking him what you want, he listens and he will definitely be there for you, keep your relation with god strong.

❤ Much love

You are a Queen ..#WomansDay

You are a Queen

To the women that inspired me and keep inspiring me ❤


My Grandma

You have a big heart and so much patience, your sacrifices won’t go waste. You play a very big role in making me who I am today. ❤

To My Mother

A single parent is a warrior, and you are the toughest warrior I’ve ever know, by looking at you I grew strong and confident that YES WOMEN DO NOT NEED SOMEONE TO RELY ON, IN THEIR LIFE. ❤

My Cousin Samar

Life experiences make a woman grow strong, and you are stronger than you think you are. Never give up in and on life, you are a warrior and warriors never give up. You are my sister, my friend and my cousin, in your toughest times you helped me when you needed help the most, you have a big heart <3.

My Bestie Shahendah

You are an inspiration, where ever you go you shine bright like a diamond, what ever you do brings a smile on someone’s face. Your personality makes anyone respect you and listen to you. You’ve always been there to guide me. You are one of a kind and I still learn from you. ❤

My Bestie Zainab

You are a gift from god, a beautiful soul, mind and the kindest heart. When I needed a partner you were there, when needed to share you were the sister and friend to listen and share, my life gained it’s balance with you. ❤

My Friend Sara Al Dosery

Strong and dedicated to what ever you step into. You inspire me. ❤

My Friend Haya Al Hajari

You are the coolest woman I’ve ever been friends with, you make life seem easier, and not many people are capable of making others feel relaxed and comfortable. You are Strong and you will achieve what you aim for. ❤



To Myself

I apologise to myself for underestimating myself and my capabilities, and not knowing my worth. The woman I grew into with time is far more stronger than the definition I had of a strong woman. Respect to myself ❤


Woman's day

What do you Sea?

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We all need that moment, when we want to be alone with ourselves, arguing, finding answers, trying to understand or maybe healing…

Sea is where I find my answers and sense of clam and clarity. I have never went to the sea and came back empty, I always feel light, relaxed and satisfied. And when I touch the water and walk barefoot it’s like everything has come to peace and there is nothing to worry about anymore, I can feel and see a glow on my face.

From time to time I do need Vitamin Sea.

I had a many pet turtles, what I like about turtles is that they can swim freely in the water, strong enough to protect themselves, harmless and quiet, but not bound to water only, they walk up the beach like they own it.

Though I despite their smell and how dirty they can be, but yeah no one and nothing is perfect, but we still find a way to live in harmony.

What I SEA is I find some missing pieces of myself and surrender myself to nature’s beauty. I believe the more we are near the nature the more calm and happier we are.

So What Do You Sea?




Eid Mubarak

It’s 4 am, everyone is up to shower, dress up and leave for Eid Prayers at 5.10 am …












Allah is great, Allah is great, Allah is great. There is no God but Allah and Allah is great. Allah is great and all praises belong to him alone.




That feeling of Eid when we come back from Eid prayers, the whole family gets together, greet and wish each other, distribute Eidi (money) and eat Sheer Khurma is indescribable. Sheer Khurma or Sheer Khorma is “vermicelli pudding” a traditional Eid desert that is served in the morning after the prayers and to guests though out the day. This special dish is popular in south and central Asia.

When it comes to EIDI … You are never too old to get an Eidi :P, receiving Eidi even when you’re not a child anymore makes you feel young again . All dressed up looking stunning reunited with all your cousins and the entire family taking several selfies making sure everyone is looking fantastic and pretty, JOY and HAPPINESS are at their peak. Kids counting their Eidi at the end of the day planning out what they are going to do with their money, takes you back to your own childhood and draws a remarkable smile on your face.

15 years back one of family members had to sacrifice and take a group picture, and if the camera had timer all of us had to squeeze in and draw a wide smile instantly to take only one single picture that has everyone in, and there was NO RETAKE. Beautiful times. Now as the family grows and gets bigger, you have to make sure you have a long selfie stick to get everyone in the picture.

Every day of Eid has a different taste, with family, family friends and friends. Because every Eid we create fresher memories together. That’s how I spend my Eid every year.

How do you spend your Eid? share your experience 😀

Life is beautiful and dreams are possible


” We all the survivors of life.

I always asked myself “Why life is so hard, and why do I have to go through all the pain?”

A question that almost everyone asks himself at some point in his life. “


I opened my speech with these words. I was given a chance to speak in front of an audience at #EnspireBH event organized by Al Ma300n. The event was an opportunity for youth to learn from experiences of entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers. When i was asked to speak at the event, my mind went through a long journey of my life and all the incident that helped me to become who i am now.

Dreaming is an easy job, but making is come true takes a lot of patience and willingness. I started dreaming like any other child from a very young age, but from at the age of 14 I started planning my life along with dreaming, so when I become 18, have of my dreams become easier to achieve and in very short time. But life is full of unexpected surprises.

In order to get what I want I’ve gone through many hardships, financial, emotional or mental. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard either. Because I like to move on rather than staying long in that situation or even over thinking about it, because it drains my energy and damages me in every way possible. All what I’ve gone through from my father’s death to horrible work experience to doing bad in my studies, has affected me a lot in everything, but on the bright side it gained me enough experience and trained me to expect the worst and how to come over such situations with less self damage and best solutions.

In younger age life seems sweet and beautiful,  because we are not aware of the other phase of life. It doesn’t mean life becomes ugly when we grow up. Instead our definition of a beautiful life changes when we start experiencing the real life, living all the good and bad times, making mistakes and learning from them, understanding that after every hardship there’s ease.

During all this when ever I felt I was lost in life and don’t know the purpose of my life, I used to ask myself 5 questions that helped me to get up again and continue living to achieve my goals and dreams.  Those 5 question written in my hand writing and their answers also written by me, are like a guide to put me back on the track and keep continuing my journey regardless of what I’m going through or went through. Because I know two things; first is that I never give up and I am a fighter, second is that what ever I want, I get it whether it was good or bad.

Ask yourself these questions, and note your answers on a piece of paper and keep in front of you. When ever you feel down, blank or depressed read what you wrote. Read your dreams, goals and ambitions, it will reset your mind to the track you already chose to walk on.


  1. What are my dreams? 
  2. What do I want to become? 
  3. What do I want to do? 
  4. What are my goals?
  5. Who am I? 

To answer these questions, you have to know yourself very well. Knowing yourself and your capabilities will help you to achieve your goals that once were your dreams.

My dreams have always come true. One of my dream was to speak in front of an audience on a specific topic and I got that opportunity, and it was #EnspireBH event. No one knew about this dream but it came true. My more dreams are coming true one by one, even the ones that I had in my childhood.

Nothing is impossible, if we want it to be possible. Life is beautiful because whatever happens, happens for good. Sometimes we have to chase our dreams and sometimes dreams chase us.