Do we really get what we want?

I have always had this question on my mind ” Do we really get what we want?”

How many times you wished to get something and got it? Wished to win a game and actually won it?

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” ~Dalai Lama

We have all been there many times in all sort of occasions disappointed or satisfied, but we never stop wishing, asking and wanting more.

Yet we always ask ourselves why it didn’t happen, but never wonder why it happened. I may not have the answer to this, but surely there are some questions we need to ask ourselves and find an answer for them.

Would the world be a better place if everyone could get exactly what they wanted whenever they wanted it? Do our desires help make up who we are so much that we would lose our sense of self without them?

Well there may be various answers to these questions, but I believe all the answers lead to one main idea that There is a reason behind everything and what ever happens, happens for good. Some may disagree that not everything that happens is for good, but again there is a reason for it to happen. Sometimes great lesson become from great disappointments.

Few years back I watched a video of “The Secret” then read the book. It accelerates ones understanding and mastery of the law of attraction. I disagree with many things that are written in it, but I do believe that out thoughts attract things to happen whether they are good or bad.

I have experienced it many times, if I keep thinking about something it happens immediately or after some time, or if I really wish for something it does come true. But not always. And when it doesn’t I surrender, because there a reason and I am sure it’s always in my favour.

Yes there was a time, when I had this feeling that I will have an accident, and kept thinking about it, not realising that I was attracting it or programming myself to make it happen. The day I thought I will change my route to avoid any possible accident, what i feared happened.

And there were times when I had a wish or dream and I forgot about, but it was still breathing inside of me, happened when it had to happen, one by one dreams started coming true and still are surprising me by their time of occurring.

Yet a great credit goes to our Will as well. Sometimes we have to work hard for it, and sometimes we get them as rewards regardless of our ambivalent thoughts.

There is always a reason behind everything. Our thoughts attract things to occur. Our will power helps to make them occur. And what ever happens, happens for good.


I came across this article or blog post and really liked it, felt it delivers a great message with a bit of humour. Be Careful What You Wish For


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