Eid Mubarak

It’s 4 am, everyone is up to shower, dress up and leave for Eid Prayers at 5.10 am …












Allah is great, Allah is great, Allah is great. There is no God but Allah and Allah is great. Allah is great and all praises belong to him alone.




That feeling of Eid when we come back from Eid prayers, the whole family gets together, greet and wish each other, distribute Eidi (money) and eat Sheer Khurma is indescribable. Sheer Khurma or Sheer Khorma is “vermicelli pudding” a traditional Eid desert that is served in the morning after the prayers and to guests though out the day. This special dish is popular in south and central Asia.

When it comes to EIDI … You are never too old to get an Eidi :P, receiving Eidi even when you’re not a child anymore makes you feel young again . All dressed up looking stunning reunited with all your cousins and the entire family taking several selfies making sure everyone is looking fantastic and pretty, JOY and HAPPINESS are at their peak. Kids counting their Eidi at the end of the day planning out what they are going to do with their money, takes you back to your own childhood and draws a remarkable smile on your face.

15 years back one of family members had to sacrifice and take a group picture, and if the camera had timer all of us had to squeeze in and draw a wide smile instantly to take only one single picture that has everyone in, and there was NO RETAKE. Beautiful times. Now as the family grows and gets bigger, you have to make sure you have a long selfie stick to get everyone in the picture.

Every day of Eid has a different taste, with family, family friends and friends. Because every Eid we create fresher memories together. That’s how I spend my Eid every year.

How do you spend your Eid? share your experience 😀


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