Who is #Shahendah ??

A tall, sleek girl, with colourful Hijab, Shahendah is like a butterfly, who ever she meets will surly make them smile, and when you get to know her you discover so much more.

This girl makes life seem fun again; she has the ability to lift my spirits by just being herself. She never stresses herself, but remove stress from others and always cracks lovely jokes. She is my jolly Egyptian friend that i call my Best Friend <3.
Shahendah can make me or anyone else smile simply by being herself, a show that many need to lift their spirits. She loves to listen to my problems and interject advice that could help me through my struggles. Many times I am mystified by her ability to just sit and listen to a poor soul like me pour out my mind, but she sees it as an opportunity to let someone “unload.” She seems to be enlightened on all aspects of life, and finds it easy to relate to almost anyone or anything.
A quality that I find most intriguing about her is that she can take any situation and make the best of it. We share one quality, we can have fun in any situation.  Laughing comes naturally to her and she can bring joy into the most barren situation.
I can’t forget where we first met, it was maths class in AMA University-Bahrain and she entered the class late and sat in front of me. while signing her name in the attendance sheet, her eyes caught my name (Fakhira) and the first thing she said was “We have Shakira in the class”. Immediately I replied back “it’s Fakhira” as i hate people mispronouncing my name. That moment was the start of our friendship, we became good friends and enjoyed every hangout we had when skipping classes and going to “Haifa” to eat malghoom, or when ever we had break we would do crazy things to stay alive. I never thought our friendship will evolve from just friends to best friends, and that happened right after I have changed my university and went to UOB.



We were not in touch for a very long time, but one day out of no where I received a call from her asking me to meet her and that her parents want to meet me as well. Apparently she told so much about me to her parents that they were excited to meet me.

We kept meeting from time to time when ever she used to come to Bahrain with her parents, until her family had to go back to Egypt. It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a loved one, but i still believe that we will meet again.

And yesterday 26th May, was her Birthday. Wish you a happy Birthday My lovely sister and best friend ❤

20120322_170934 (2)
The day when i met her parents, Seef Mall – Bahrain


UOB – Archi form



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