My Galaxy Notebook


I like to try out new things in my free time, so i thought of making a nice looking cover for my notebooks. I searched online for some attractive ideas and i liked the Galaxy Notebook cover idea because it looks attractive and it’s easy to make.

Materials used:

  • Black canvas
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Different Purple and Blue Acrylic Paints (colors you want your galaxy to have, make sure they are similar in shades and that you stick to a color scheme. You can also do oranges/reds instead of purples/blues) about 5 different colors should be fine.
  • Different sizes of paintbrush (0, 1, 5, 10 … Small/Medium)
  • Cup of Water to Rinse Brush
  • Small Cup of Water So You Can Smear

With your brush paint your galaxy shape using your purple/blue or colours that you like. Make sure it isn’t a geometric shape because galaxies aren’t perfect. Overlap the different colours with brush strokes. Make it wispy, and it’s okay if it gets sloppy or you mess up because no galaxy is the same.

Clean your brush then dip it in the clean water. Go over your galaxy so that the colors smear together to add the effect of a real galaxy. Make sure you smear the edges too. Let it dry when you finish. For better results don’t use too much water, only a small amount is recommended and don’t mix water colours with acrylic colours.

Take a bigger paintbrush, mix white paint with tiny bit of water, then dip your brush in it and start lightly flicking the bristels. The closer your brush is to the canvas the more control you have over where the stars will go.

I glues the canvas to the notebook cover.

DIY Galaxy notebook cover