Life is beautiful and dreams are possible


” We all the survivors of life.

I always asked myself “Why life is so hard, and why do I have to go through all the pain?”

A question that almost everyone asks himself at some point in his life. “


I opened my speech with these words. I was given a chance to speak in front of an audience at #EnspireBH event organized by Al Ma300n. The event was an opportunity for youth to learn from experiences of entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers. When i was asked to speak at the event, my mind went through a long journey of my life and all the incident that helped me to become who i am now.

Dreaming is an easy job, but making is come true takes a lot of patience and willingness. I started dreaming like any other child from a very young age, but from at the age of 14 I started planning my life along with dreaming, so when I become 18, have of my dreams become easier to achieve and in very short time. But life is full of unexpected surprises.

In order to get what I want I’ve gone through many hardships, financial, emotional or mental. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard either. Because I like to move on rather than staying long in that situation or even over thinking about it, because it drains my energy and damages me in every way possible. All what I’ve gone through from my father’s death to horrible work experience to doing bad in my studies, has affected me a lot in everything, but on the bright side it gained me enough experience and trained me to expect the worst and how to come over such situations with less self damage and best solutions.

In younger age life seems sweet and beautiful,  because we are not aware of the other phase of life. It doesn’t mean life becomes ugly when we grow up. Instead our definition of a beautiful life changes when we start experiencing the real life, living all the good and bad times, making mistakes and learning from them, understanding that after every hardship there’s ease.

During all this when ever I felt I was lost in life and don’t know the purpose of my life, I used to ask myself 5 questions that helped me to get up again and continue living to achieve my goals and dreams.  Those 5 question written in my hand writing and their answers also written by me, are like a guide to put me back on the track and keep continuing my journey regardless of what I’m going through or went through. Because I know two things; first is that I never give up and I am a fighter, second is that what ever I want, I get it whether it was good or bad.

Ask yourself these questions, and note your answers on a piece of paper and keep in front of you. When ever you feel down, blank or depressed read what you wrote. Read your dreams, goals and ambitions, it will reset your mind to the track you already chose to walk on.


  1. What are my dreams? 
  2. What do I want to become? 
  3. What do I want to do? 
  4. What are my goals?
  5. Who am I? 

To answer these questions, you have to know yourself very well. Knowing yourself and your capabilities will help you to achieve your goals that once were your dreams.

My dreams have always come true. One of my dream was to speak in front of an audience on a specific topic and I got that opportunity, and it was #EnspireBH event. No one knew about this dream but it came true. My more dreams are coming true one by one, even the ones that I had in my childhood.

Nothing is impossible, if we want it to be possible. Life is beautiful because whatever happens, happens for good. Sometimes we have to chase our dreams and sometimes dreams chase us.