#2017 #HappyNewYear

Happy new year and a happy new start to everyone. I am glad that 2016 is over. It was one tough year, but I wish the coming year brings ease and joy to our life, reunites us with the our loved ones that we miss, brings peace and puts a smile on our faces. Every... Continue Reading →


#Bahraini Sago Halwa

Hello, There are many recipes you can make with sago, like sago milk pudding and different types of halwas. But the one I love eating and making the most is Bahraini/Omani halwa. Bahraini or Omani halwa is basically made using corn starch instead of sago, but sago halwa has its own taste. And halwa has... Continue Reading →

My first bouquet try

Hello, Today is my Uncle's Birthday (12.12.16), and I thought of doing something different since the weather is amazing and flowers have bloomd, so thought of making a flower bouquet, so I picked random flowers and put them in an empty candle glass with some water and put the glass in a popsicle sticks candle... Continue Reading →


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