#2017 #HappyNewYear

Happy new year and a happy new start to everyone.

I am glad that 2016 is over. It was one tough year, but I wish the coming year brings ease and joy to our life, reunites us with the our loved ones that we miss, brings peace and puts a smile on our faces.

Every year we have a new resolution, but since few years I have stopped making new year resolutions, because I never thought they would come true, until I started believing in myself more and more with time, and got to know that I am capable of making my dreams come true, and what I determine to do, I can achieve it.

This year’s resolution is ” to focus on myself more, and achieve all my goals with the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years”. This resolution sounds boring and ordenary to most of us, but I believe it’s always better to start with yourself first to achieve greater goals.
I wish 2017 to be the year of success and happiness for all of us.


#Bahraini Sago Halwa


There are many recipes you can make with sago, like sago milk pudding and different types of halwas. But the one I love eating and making the most is Bahraini/Omani halwa.

Bahraini or Omani halwa is basically made using corn starch instead of sago, but sago halwa has its own taste. And halwa has to be there in every kind of occasion, it is considered as a hospitality code.


Preparation time : 1 hour – 1.30 hours 


2 1/2 – 3 cups Sugar

5 cups Water

50 gram Unsalted butter

1 tsp Saffron

1 1/4 cup Sago

1 1/4 cup Rose water

2 tbsp cardamom powder

nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts), toasted


  1. Infuse the saffron in rose-water, and sago in normal water for about 30 min to one hour.
  2. In a big pot or wok on medium heat add sugar and stir until it melts and turns brown.
  3. Add butter to the sugar and stir until it becomes toffee, beat if necessary to remove lumps.
  4. Add one tbsp of cardamom powder and stir.
  5. Blend sago and water until it becomes white paste and add it to the toffee mixture, and cook until it becomes smooth and lumps free.
  6. Add rest of the cardamom and still until it gets mixed well and then add infused Saffron and rose-water to the mixture and cook for some time.
  7. When you see it started becoming thick but soft and little chewy turn of the heat and pour it directly in the serving tray and top it with desired nuts and set it to cool down.

My first bouquet try

Today is my Uncle’s Birthday (12.12.16), and I thought of doing something different since the weather is amazing and flowers have bloomd, so thought of making a flower bouquet, so I picked random flowers and put them in an empty candle glass with some water and put the glass in a popsicle sticks candle holder that I made.

I just randomly put the flowers and kept rearranging them till I got satisfied with the look.

Not everyone can get roses everyday, so why not use the available garden flowrs.

And for my next bouquet try, I bought a new plant “Christmas Planter” that grows new red leaves and as the leaves get old they turn green.

Baked Eggplant Pakoras with White Sauce

I made this recipe up, I don’t know if there is a similar dish/recipe or not, because I have searched online but I couldn’t find any. So yes I guess I can take the credit.

It is very simple to make, and it can be made within 40 min.


  • 3 Eggplants
  • Cream
  • Maggie Cube
  • Seasoning
  • 5 tbsp Gram Flour
  • Mozzarella
  • Water
  • Frying Oil

How to:

  • For pakora batter, mix gram flour, salt pepper, coriander powder and add little bit of water for smooth medium consistency batter. and keep it aside. Personally I don’t like thick batters.
  • Cut 2 eggplants thick slices to make bottom layer, and last piece cut it thin slices for pakoras. season eggplants with salt and keep them aside till they lose water. It’s up to you if you want to throw eggplant water or add it to the batter. Personally i make thick batter and then add eggplant water to make it smooth medium. It gives the whole thing a different taste.
  • Place thick slices on your baking tray and bake them 10 minutes each side.
  • Dip the thing slices in the batter and gently place them in hot oil till they become crispy golden.
  • For sauce, i use normal cream that can be used in making sweets as well, i just add a little bit of water and one Maggie cube and let it cook for a while and take it of the stove.
  • Now when everything is ready, you just need to layers things up, take a baking dish place thick baked slices in it and pour some white sauce, and on top of the souce place eggplant pakoras and cover them with rest of the souce and add mozzarella on top and put it in the over for 15 minutes on 180 c.

I loved it, but next time i will keep both layers eggplant pakoras, coz pakoras taste was totally different and it was melting in my mouth.