This was my club International Contest Speech (Bahrain Eloquent Toastmasters Club) in the beginning of 2016 for the term 2015-2016, and i won first place. I wrote this speech before the contest by few hours only, and i kept practicing till my name was called. I was confident and scared the same time, it’s been years i delivered a speech, and after so many years i am delivering a contest speech. During the delivery of the speech i missed manything and changed manything, but still got the first place.



I didn’t pay my university fee on time, my phone service is disrupted and bill is high, I have to pay my bills … GOD … *Was talking to myself when removed my hands of my face. It was tired, and my eyes were red.*



Even SUPERMAN has one! “kryptonite”!! Except for BATMAN, he doesn’t, because he is BATMAN.

Well, the point is, even the strongest man on earth has problems. Problems do not see your financial status or marital status, they will just come to you uninvited. So yes, you are not the only one who has problems. Just thank god for everything.

Problems are part of life and it’s normal to have one, yet whenever we face one it’s like the first time to face any. You can think of them as challenges—like a puzzle to be solved—or you can think of them as burdens that you are powerless to resolve.

Problems never set appointments, they just come knocking at your door singing Lionel Richie’s song *singing*“Hello, is it me you’re looking for …” I know I sound bad now that’s one of the problems I have …

Let me ask you a question, have you ever counted your problems? No please don’t start counting, it won’t get you anywhere… BUT have you ever counted your blessings? Now please start counting them, they are worth it. It happens all the time when we think more about our problems then thinking of the blessing we have… you can call problems the salt of our life … we all like salt but not problems.

Personally I have suffered whenever I had a big issue, stopped eating for some time, cried, been depressed and always tensed… though knowing that WHAT EVER HAPPENS, HAPPENS FOR GOOD, that I should have patience, and thank god for everything. BUT THAT SPECIFIC MOMENT  I and almost everyone forgets everything and just focuses on the problem and get ourselves in such feelings.

I had a rule, never regret, but when I broke that rule, i faced extra problems above the one I already had. I’ve been crying for months, been sick (headaches or migraines) and lost weight and freshness from my face, overwhelmed; stressed; anxious; annoyed; frustrated at myself or others; depressed; confused; angry; distracted, and finding it hard to concentrate…etc and the list goes on. I have got out of everything, every activity, left my job, doing bad in my studies, though giving enough time, but not achieving anything. This is nothing, there are people who got lost in their life trying to get out of their problems, doing drugs, smoking, almost got in to every bad thing. We all can go through such things, only because we usually don’t know how to fix our problems.

BUT after realizing what I wen through, I sat with myself in a therapy sessions, knowing figuring out what to do and how to fix things. I realized I had the answer all along but I wasn’t implementing it “FOCUSING MORE ON THE SOLUTION, THAN THE PROBLEM”. Do things on the right time, trust yourself, that you’re strong enough to face anything, always believe that “IT WILL BE OKAY” and nothing is worth destroying yourself for. If you do the opposite you’re in an endless loop of suffering.

Just remember everyhting takes time to be done and fixed, give it that time.

To know about toastmasters, please visit this site: https://www.toastmasters.org/



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