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DIY crochet cord cover

Hello again,

Finally got a solution to keep my earphone cord protected and tangle free. Few days back i was checking instagram and i saw a picture of colourful pretty looking covered earphones, so i got an idea to do the same with my earphones. So i searched the net how to do it, but some how i just wanted to crochet the cord. So i used a multi soft colours yarn that i already had at home, i did not buy anything, i just used what i had at home.

Things i used:

  • yarn
  • earphone cord
  • crochet hook (TULIP 5)
  • craft glue

I started from the bottom of the cord, glued the start of the chain so it doesn’t move and crochet easily.


I crochet till i reached the joint and continued crochet till i reached one end and glued the ending point to the end of ear bud, then started from the joint again to finish the second end and glued ending of the second earbud to the end of the chain, so that it doesn’t come off or move.

snapchat-1708984949-01.jpeg  I used double yarn, so the length i cut the yarn wasn’t enough at all, so i kept cutting more and more and still it wasn’t enough, but i managed to continue crochet neatly.

Crochet Cord Cover Final Look

If you want to learn how to crochet it check this website: Easy Listening Earbud Covers

or if you want to learn how to wrap it then check this website: How to Make Tangle Free Headphones with Embroidery Floss


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