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DIY Stones Placemat


I did this DIY project just to try and check the results, and i liked it but i could have done it better. I just saw some online pictures of stones placements and thought of trying it my way, which was actually glue consuming way, but it was good.Then i checked online how to do it, and it was way different and i am not sure that way the stones will stick for long.


What i used:

  • cardboard
  • hot glue
  • purple stones
  • brown string

How i did it:


So, first i cut 2 carboard pieces in round shape, took one of them and started placing my stones on it to give them a shape, i did not glue the stones on the cardboard. after that i took my glue gun and started applying it ontop of the stones until they were covered with hot glue.


when the glue cools off, take the two round cut cardboards and glue them together.


Glue carboard to the glued part of the stones, and put some heavy weight on them till the whole thing dries.


I brushed the stones with white glue mixed with water, just to give it some extra shine.




Final Look, Stones placemat

All the items used to make this piece, are recycled items.

I got these small stones from my mothers old fish tank, washed them many times, soaked them over night in baking soda and water. The carboard is from my old notepad. And the strings are from coriander bundels i purchase from the veg vendor.

You can purchase river stones, they are more flat and better looking, instead of cardboard you can use cork-board and of course you can purchase brown strings from any arts shop.



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