Avocado spread recipe

Hello again

If you hate Avocados then you should give it a try with this recipe and if you love it you will surely lick off your fingers.

What I like about Avocados is that they are not sweet, but distinctly & subtly flavoured. You can use it in sweet dishes or savoury dishes.

This recipe is very simple and delicious, you can use it for sandwiches, on rusks and just eat it like that.

All you need is:

  • One Avocado
  • One small white Onion diced
  • One big Tomato diced
  • Seasoning
  • One Lime juice

How to:

Scoop out the avocado in a bowl and mash it gently with a fork, then add the diced onion, diced tomato (preferred if small pieces), lime juice and your choice of seasoning. I just seasoned it with salt and black pepper.

Onion mixed with lime juice and salt tastes incredible, I always season the onion before adding it to the salad or any other thing, it just gives the whole thing a different and an amazing taste.
This morning I tried this spread in eggs sandwich and beef burger sandwich and I liked it more with the beef.

My next try is on rusks topped with mozzarella cheese 😍👌💙.


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