DIY crochet cord cover

Hello again,

Finally got a solution to keep my earphone cord protected and tangle free. Few days back i was checking instagram and i saw a picture of colourful pretty looking covered earphones, so i got an idea to do the same with my earphones. So i searched the net how to do it, but some how i just wanted to crochet the cord. So i used a multi soft colours yarn that i already had at home, i did not buy anything, i just used what i had at home.

Things i used:

  • yarn
  • earphone cord
  • crochet hook (TULIP 5)
  • craft glue

I started from the bottom of the cord, glued the start of the chain so it doesn’t move and crochet easily.


I crochet till i reached the joint and continued crochet till i reached one end and glued the ending point to the end of ear bud, then started from the joint again to finish the second end and glued ending of the second earbud to the end of the chain, so that it doesn’t come off or move.

snapchat-1708984949-01.jpeg  I used double yarn, so the length i cut the yarn wasn’t enough at all, so i kept cutting more and more and still it wasn’t enough, but i managed to continue crochet neatly.

Crochet Cord Cover Final Look

If you want to learn how to crochet it check this website: Easy Listening Earbud Covers

or if you want to learn how to wrap it then check this website: How to Make Tangle Free Headphones with Embroidery Floss

Fearless Woman… I am 

❤  I think there is a certain age, for women, when you become fearless. It may be a different age for every woman, I don’t know. It’s not that you stop fearing things: I’m still afraid of heights, for example. Or rather, of falling — heights aren’t the problem. But you stop fearing life itself. It’s when you become fearless in that way that you decide to live.
Perhaps it’s when you come to the realization that the point of life isn’t to be rich, or secure, or even to be loved — to be any of the things that people usually think is the point. The point of life is to live as deeply as possible, to experience fully. And that can be done in so many ways.” ❤
(From her blog post “Fearless Women”)

— Theodora Goss

A friend of mine has sent it as a broadcast. I loved it so much, I forward it to my best friend. She commented saying “Wise words, but I think the writer has to elaborate more”. I agreed with her and started looking for her blog to read the post. Another favourite part I found in her post is

“I felt that I was the most beautiful I had ever been in my life, and the smartest and bravest. I felt as though I deserved to feel alive, as though I deserved life and love and to do the work I was meant for. And that if I was brave enough to strive for those things, the universe would help me.”

Personally, I have reached that age, where a woman becomes Fearless. I have realised many things over the past years but now I finally do feel that I am Fearless. I have experienced many things that have built or left a mark on me, gone through toughest situations that I never thought I would go through, but it all taught me the real point of life and purpose of living. 

There were so many ups and downs, but i had a strong belief in God that what ever he’s making me go through will surely change something in me for good, and will definitely pull me out of such times when I will learn my lesson.

I reached to a point where even if I don’t have a job or money to pay my bills, still I am calm and have a smile on my face thanking God for everything i have, when people intentionally mistreat me and make me suffer to get my salary, I still forgive and treat them good, but I never forget.

I just stopped fearing of what’s going to come, because I know I will pass it with a smile on my face. That unstoppable fearless feel. So yes there is no certain age to become fearless, even a 25 year old can be fearless.

You can check her post here: Fearless Women 

DIY Painted Fig Leaves


Few days back i saw a tutorial how to draw and colour a tree leaf, i rememberd i had some dried leaves under my books and thought to colour them instead of drawing one.


These leaves are pressed and won’t separate from another orelse they will break, that thin and delicate they are. I just did my best to give it a galaxy look, i know there is no black and i intentionally avoided it, i let the end of each leaf and shadows take up the black colours role. I am going to frame it and hang it in my room.

DIY CD Stones Placemat

Hello again,

Previously i made stones placemat using hot glue and i wasn’t that satisfied with it, so i thought to try it with crafts glue. Though i wasn’t sure if crafts glue will stick and hold the stones on the CD, but it did, and it worked better than the hot glue.

So i took a CD, chose the stones i wanted to stick to the CD, and started gluing them on the CD. I had to be very careful while gluing the stones because they would still move, but on the other hand it was good for me it made it easier for me to adjust them.


After gluin all the stones, i poured glue in the empty holes showing between the stones to fill them up and cover them. I let the stones try for 3 days just to make sure the glue has dried completely and you will know it when the CD is not soft and flexible anymore.


And finally it’s ready, i tested it by putting my glass tea pot on it, and the stones did not come out or moved from pots heat and it remained hard.

to give it a shiny look, you can apply a soft layer of craft glue on the stones or diluted with water.

you can see my previous hot glue stones placemat work here DIY Stones Placemat

Quilling Art

Hello again,

This August i tried Quilling Art, which is paper coiling and shaping art, i just did two letters F & O which makes my nickname ‘Fo’.

Designing each letter took me a day. It is a bit tiring, but totally worth trying. It can be a beautiful birthday gift idea or you can decorate your room with it.

I used only 6 colour papers i had, shredded them, and stick them with white craft glue.


My Birthday Gift To My Self

Click here to  Learn the Basics of Quilling Paper .

Dates Spread Recipe

Hello again,

I made this recipe to make it easier for myself to have dates every day and stay full till lunch time, because i feel hungry alot that sometimes i have breakfast 3 times in the morning.

Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals. Its a good source of energy, sugar and fiber. Essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium,magnesium and zinc are found in dates. It also contains vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.


You can read more about Health Benefits of Dates here.

Here in middle east we can find dates easily everywhere in any supermarket, and for this recipe i used Khalas dates they are average-sized and reddish dark brown in colour, Khalas dates are moist and sticky, have a hearty flavour and a butter-caramel taste. Very fleshy, they melt warmly in your mouth.

Khalas Dates

I tried using different type and the result was unsatisfactory and it did not last long, so i prefer only Khalas type.


  • 1/2 pack of Khalas dates
  • 2-3 tbs of water
  • 1 tbs of rose water

How to:

Take out the seeds from the dates and keep the flesh in a small cooking pot , turn on the stove on low heat and add water and rose water to it and keep stiring till the dates melt and become sticky again, just make sure it’s not runny otherwise it will not taste that good and won’t last long. Keep it in an airtight jar in the refrigerator.

Dates Butter or Dates Spread

You can have it on your toast, rusks, with banana and icream, or on top of your cake.

My Breakfast
My Breakfast

DIY Stones Placemat


I did this DIY project just to try and check the results, and i liked it but i could have done it better. I just saw some online pictures of stones placements and thought of trying it my way, which was actually glue consuming way, but it was good.Then i checked online how to do it, and it was way different and i am not sure that way the stones will stick for long.


What i used:

  • cardboard
  • hot glue
  • purple stones
  • brown string

How i did it:


So, first i cut 2 carboard pieces in round shape, took one of them and started placing my stones on it to give them a shape, i did not glue the stones on the cardboard. after that i took my glue gun and started applying it ontop of the stones until they were covered with hot glue.


when the glue cools off, take the two round cut cardboards and glue them together.


Glue carboard to the glued part of the stones, and put some heavy weight on them till the whole thing dries.


I brushed the stones with white glue mixed with water, just to give it some extra shine.




Final Look, Stones placemat

All the items used to make this piece, are recycled items.

I got these small stones from my mothers old fish tank, washed them many times, soaked them over night in baking soda and water. The carboard is from my old notepad. And the strings are from coriander bundels i purchase from the veg vendor.

You can purchase river stones, they are more flat and better looking, instead of cardboard you can use cork-board and of course you can purchase brown strings from any arts shop.


Coriander Chutney & Tomato Chutney Recipe


Chutney or Chutni is basically a sauce and it can be of almost any vegetable. Mostly chutnies are made salty & spicy, but also some can be sweet if they are made of fruits. It is very easy to make chutney, and can keep it refrigerated for quite some time.

I love making Green chutni = Coriander & mint chutni, but i have tried making tomato chutni for the first time as well, and my family liked the tomato chutni more, because they are used to eating and tasting the green one, so it was something new for them.

Chutnies can be used for almost anything, sandwiches spread, dipping for snacks, mixing with anything to give some taste, or having it with lunch or dinner.

 Coriander & Mint Chutni:

Remember this chutni is spicy 😀


  • One fresh chopped corander bundle (Only leaves)
  • One fresh chooped mint bundle (Only leaves)
  • Fresh green chilli ( add 3 if you want it less spicy, 5 or more if you want it really spicy)
  • Two tbs chopped ginger
  • One chopped onion (medium sized onion)
  • One lime/lemon juice
  • One teaspoon cumin (zeera) powder
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper powder
  • water

How to:

Blend all the ingrediants together to get a smooth paste using little water. Cook the mixture on medium heat until it becomes thick and water is very less, this will let the chutni last long. Let it cool off then keep it in an airtight jar in the refrigerator.


To give it more taste, you can add tamarind sauce to the mixture and cook. Some blend tomato with it, and some add garlic to it and blend. It all depends on you how you want it or like it.

Not adding ginger and cumin powder to it will result in a tasteless but spicy chutni, and you don’t want this to happen to your chutni of course.


Tomato Chutni:

This one is spicy too.


  • 4-5 medium chooped tomatos
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tbs of ginger
  • 1 chopped medium onion
  • green chilly or red chilly
  • 1 tbs or 2 of viniger
  • 1/2 lemon juice

How to:

Blend all the ingrediants together, you might not need water to smoothen the paste, but if you do just add little bit of water less than 1/4 cup. Cook the mixture until it becomes thick and water is less. Let it cool off and then keep it in an airtight jar in the refrigerator.

Coriander mint chutni & Tomato chutni

DIY: How to Make Fabric Covered Button Earrings — Naturally Crafty

I stumbled upon fabric covered button earrings while researching jewelry making ideas. I found that button earrings are a quick inexpensive and easy way to make a stylish accessory. At first thought about using plastic or wooden buttons, glue earring posts to the back of them to make a cute, inexpensive pair of stud earrings. […]

via DIY: How to Make Fabric Covered Button Earrings — Naturally Crafty

DIY yarn hanging


Few days back i saw a post about DIY yarn hanging, it encouraged me to make one since i had intention to do something similar. It is very easy to make using very basic and simple materials that you might find in your house or your garden. What i love about this DIY decoration is; it does not require much effort or materials, yarn can be found at any store and in different colours, you have the freedom of choice to use any kind of colour and material and make it in any shape and length.

It took me almost an hour because, i was slow and doing manything at a time otherwise it wouldn’t take more than half an hour to make.

DIY Yarn Hanging

Material i used:

  • Cotton/wool yarn ( i hade this one from years and was wondering what to make of it )
  • Scissors
  • Ring ( i used our old microwave’s support roller ring )
  • Paper yarn
  • Glue gun img_20161017_130630-01.jpeg

What to do:

Fist of all it is not necessary to use a ring, you can use a tube or a twig, but since i wanted to recyle the roller ring i used it, same thing with yarns, i had them from very long time and i did not know what to do with them so i used them and luckily colours match. If you don’t have paper yarn then you can paint the ring of what ever shape you are using.

I cut the rollers attached to the ring to have a propper round shape. I used glue gun and paper yarn to cover the ring and that is the only part that took time because, i was very careful to apply very small and sufficient amount of glue before it dries.

Paer Yarn Covered Roller Ring

I cut the coloured yarn in some length (I did not measure it at all), and looped it onto the ring and pulled it tight. At the end i trimmed the bottom V shape, but you can also try ( / , ^ , semi circle or straight line).