DIY crochet cord cover

Hello again, Finally got a solution to keep my earphone cord protected and tangle free. Few days back i was checking instagram and i saw a picture of colourful pretty looking covered earphones, so i got an idea to do the same with my earphones. So i searched the net how to do it, but some... Continue Reading →


Fearless Woman… I am 

“I felt that I was the most beautiful I had ever been in my life, and the smartest and bravest. I felt as though I deserved to feel alive, as though I deserved life and love and to do the work I was meant for. And that if I was brave enough to strive for those things, the universe would help me.”

Coriander Chutney & Tomato Chutney Recipe

Hello, Chutney or Chutni is basically a sauce and it can be of almost any vegetable. Mostly chutnies are made salty & spicy, but also some can be sweet if they are made of fruits. It is very easy to make chutney, and can keep it refrigerated for quite some time. I love making Green chutni =... Continue Reading →

DIY: How to Make Fabric Covered Button Earrings — Naturally Crafty

I stumbled upon fabric covered button earrings while researching jewelry making ideas. I found that button earrings are a quick inexpensive and easy way to make a stylish accessory. At first thought about using plastic or wooden buttons, glue earring posts to the back of them to make a cute, inexpensive pair of stud earrings. […]... Continue Reading →

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