Beautiful Bahrain Mornings

I LOVE taking pictures.

I took these pictures from my galaxy camera on 27/9/2016 morning around 5.40 am. I usually go for walking early morning, and every time i go i see beautiful sunrise but i don’t have my camera with me. This time i made sure i have it with me to capture beautiful pictures.

I started keeping my camera with me so i don’t miss anything beautiful. =D

You can be smart too !

Many people think that intelligence is genetically inherited but the fact is it can be earned as well. A research shown that 60% of our intelligence depends on genetic factors that only do the framework, and 40% depend on environmental factors. Which means that our genes only set the level of intelligence we can reach, but how to be intelligent depends on the environment we live in and on how we train it to reach to the highest level. 

There are ways by practicing them we could train our intelligence, so let’s not have any excuse for ourselves. 

1- Have “Knowledge time”

Internet is a great source of knowledge and there is not limit for knowledge. ِ A friend once told me “Wikipedia new things in your free time”. Don’t stop gaining knowledge, learn what ever you can learn either through online courses, surfing the net, reading news, articles or any other way, This is brain nourishing meal.

2- Note down

To improve your memory, make a habit of writing/noting down new things you learn daily, and get back to them after some time so you don’t forget. 

3- Make a “Did list”

Confidence and happiness are part of intelligence. To be constantly motivated and confident, make a list of things you have achieved already and place it in front of you. That will give a boost to confidence and will motivate you to keep progressing and achieving more. It also helps when you feel down, just by looking at the things you have done you will feel good.

4- It’s time to Play

Games are the best work outs for the brain, and there are many games (board games or mobile games) you can play such as; Chess, Sudoku, Scrabble, Puzzles, Flow free, Bridge, Unblock me, 2048, Brain Yoga, Brain wars … etc.

Currently i am playing Brain wars and i find it the bescompetitive brain training game. 

Details about the game: BrainWars is a mental concentration battle game for players from around the world. Players of all ages can participate in this through simple brain teasers and compete with each other. Brain Teasers do not require special knowledge so everyone can improve their brain function through repetition and adaptation.

Download links:

Google play:


5- Smart and interesting friends

One of the fastest ways to learn. Hanging out with people who are more clever than you, you learn faster, you open your eyes to things you never knew as well as hanging out with interesting people, their life experience and things you get to learn from them all get added to your knowledge. It’s a challenge to silence your own thoughts while others are speaking, but brain needs discipline to stay sharp.

6- To read or not to read

It’s all about selecting the right book to read. A study conducted in Stanford University proves that reading is the workout the brain needs in order to stay in its optimal health. If you are a reader it will be easy for you to choose the book you like to read, but for the none readers i can suggest to ask yourself what gener of book you prefer?, any specific author you know or heard about?, and what are your interests … these questions will help you to know what you want to read, and also you can ask someone to recommend you some or you can go and check reviews about the book you want to read. 

The more you read the more you get introduced to new vocabulary, presenting examples of proper grammar usage, and showing the elegance of a well-written sentence and much more.

Personally reading allows me to have some piece of authors mind, and his knowledge. 

7- Explain it!

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein 

“For everything you learn–big or small–stick with it for at least as long as it takes you to be able to explain it to a friend. It’s fairly easy to learn new information. Being able to retain that information and teach others is far more valuable.” – Jon Packles

Don’t just keep it to yourself, if you want the information to be stuck in your brain try to teach it or explain to others, that will make your memory stronger, the more you keep recalling the information you have stored in your brain the more it get’s stuck in it. I used to do that when studying with group of friends and it really helped me.

8- Challenge yourself

Albert Einstein once said, “One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.”

Accepting new challenges trains your brain to think, focus, and how to handle every challenge. Just believe in yourself that you can do it.

9- Ask “Why?”

Problem solving is part of being smart, and asking yourself questions instead of worrying makes your brain get working to get to the bottom of the problem and find an answer. So Ask WHY when you face a problem.

10- Do it on your own

It’s time to get your brain do some exercise and give your techs a break. Doing things on your own without depending on technology such as calculators makes your brain function better and faster and increases your level or smartness. So try solving some math problems or calculating without the use your calculator. Go to new destinations without your GPS instead use a map to sharpen your map reading skills. Write with a pen and paper so you remember the spelling and keep your handwriting beautiful. JUST TRY.

11- Be creative

Don’t say you are not creative. You don’t have to invent always, you can just add your own touches to anything you like and make it look nice. Add some creativity to your daily tasks to get out of the dull routine life. This could be a soft start for an innovative thinker and probably an inventor.

12- Live healthy

Eat healthy, think healthy and be healthy. Go for a walk or a jog daily, that will keep you active and fresh. I go for a walk early morning, i have noticed that morning walk keeps me fresh and active through out the day without getting tired and automatically my sleeping habit became normal. And to get rid of all day tiredness keep exercising on daily bases. 

13- Explore and try new things

Go to a place you have never been to, even if you got lost don’t panic, try to figure out an exit. Don’t hesitate to try out new things in life such as bungee-jumping, dancing, singing, calligraphy maybe!

14- Learn new language

There are plenty mobile applications, online websites and language learning centres you can check out. I have used Busuu app to learn Italian. 

15- Relax

Your brain needs rest to process what it has learned. Daily give it a rest for few minutes, be relaxed, stress free, think not. Meditation is good as well, or probably sitting by the seaside quietly staring at the sea watching the waves come and go. Relax yourself the way suits you.

**Probably there are more ways to train your intelligence, if you know any please do share with us.

Full Moon “Bader” بدر

Bader is an Arabic name means full moon.

I love taking pictures of the moon, especially when it’s a full moon. There is something special about it just like the sea. I was trying my best to take a good picture of the full moon from Galaxy Camera, and i think results are not bad.

This picture was taken on 15th of September, 2016 at 7:57 PM – Bahrain.