The Last Lecture & بيكاسو و ستاربكس

Yesterday, Cover to cover book club had their monthly book discussion gathering at Stick House,Seef Mall.
Though i haven’t finished reading last months selected books, but was so excited to attend the gathering and hear the discussion of who ever has read it fully.

Discussion gathering have never been waste of time, because while sharing your opinions around different aspects of the book and hearing what others think about it, creates some kind of awareness about other mentalities and even you get to know more about the writer’s personality and his thoughts. The ideas that you haven’t caught, others might have,and that’s where you expand your knowledge and open new horizons of thoughts.

At the end of the discussion of “Azazeel and The Room”, they have announce December’s Books to read,which are “Picasso & Starbucks for Yasser Hareb, (Arabic Book)” and “The Last Lecture for the late Randy Pausch, (English Book)”. The book club usually discusses two books, one in English and the other in Arabic.

However, i am very excited to read these two books. Because i have so much to learn from this book, get inspired, motivated and increase my knowledge. I believe Yasser is one of the great thinkers who point out the typical faulty thoughts rampant among us, and trying to get us out of traditional thinking and the usual boilerplate.
Randy Pausch, he himself is a true inspiration for everyone, i have seen his interview with Opera and saw his last lecture video. He made me realize things that i already knew but did not pay attention towards, his words actually organized my thought, priorities and made a difference in me and the way i think.

Great writers inspire and make a change in readers life, and both of them have changed something in me and added more values in my basket.

Links to download e-books:

1- The Last Lecture

2- بيكاسو و ستاربكس , Yasser Hareb’s (ياسر حارب) Blog: English عربي