If the Road to success was SMOOTH !!



SELF made people say : we studied hard, under the light of the candle … between the mosquitoes, we suffered for years to become who we are today ♥ 

a respect for all those who suffered to get to where they are today, and respect for all those who think this way and love to work hard to gain something valuable.

if the road to success was out of stones no one would value anything in their lives, living on earth would’ve been disgusting and pointless. disgusting to see carelessness from every side, pointless when you have nothing to be proud of pointless when you don’t feel the happiness u feel after working hard to achieve your dream or the thing you wanted.

The results of getting what ever you think of without putting an effort to get it is much more than the two results have been mentioned earlier. 

Just sit in a quiet place and think !!!

what would happen if there was no struggle to get something and how would that affect up on us ? 

surely you will reach so the correct answer if you are thinking correctly. 


p.s i wrote after such a long time