A blind guy taught me a lesson

From few days I was frustrated and suffering from the sudden load from all the sides in short period.

We were driving back home, So just to change my mood we stopped at “water garden” and started enjoying the weather, looking at people and observing them.

While sitting on the bench that was facing the super train, looking at people riding it, our eyes caught a family of 4, a mother, a father, a lil sister and a blind brother.

the blind guy’s family was helping him to sit in the train, he was alone in his seat, no one was sitting beside him, and his father was sitting right behind him and his mother and sister were sitting in the front seat.

The train started moving, and all the time my eyes were watching him, his facial expressions and his body language. When the train started moving he got afraid, and terrified, he can’t see, he can only feel and imagine how it looks like.

All through the round he was scared and god knows better what else he was feeling, from his face I could tell, he was scared to death, and had thousands of questions in his mind, “”” what on earth is happening?? what am I experiencing tonight?? where have they brought me?? What’s going on?? “””.. All these questions would pop up in my mind too, if I was in his place.

But surprisingly, when his father came to take him, he asked him: ” did you enjoy it son? “.
He replied with a wide smile: ” yes I have enjoyed” … That moment, when I saw his sudden action and reply to his father, I said to myself, ( who can be more positive than him and brave ). A moment back he was scared from what’s going on, because he couldn’t see, he was holding tight the handle so that he doesn’t fall. He was going through a tough time. But when he has been asked about his experience, he positively happily replied that he did. He didn’t complaint about his fear, he didn’t even bother to look back and tell his family that how afraid he was, instead he looked at the brighter side that he experienced something new and enjoyed as much as the others did.

After watching the scene, my heart melted and all the frustration, suffocation and all the disturbing feelings were washed away. I realised that god has given me everything(alhamdulilah) I’m fit, fine healthy and better than anyone else. But still get annoyed from small pressures, tensions and ups and downs in life. While he has something less than me, but he still didn’t make his weakness his tension in his life, he is living better than me, enjoying his life and experiencing new things.

This guy today opened my eyes to many things in my life. I have learned a lesson just by observing him. Like my visit to the garden had hidden a great relief and lesson for me.

We have everything in our lives, but yet we demand for more, and forget to thank god. We face a tension or a problem, we panic and get upset on it, but we never realise how would blinds, handicapped, deaf, and dumps live everyday of their lives knowing that they have something less than everyone has.

We should learn a lesson from them, no matter how you are living, what is your condition. You should always think positively, thank god and never lose hope.

الحمد لله على كل حال

11:25:54 pM
Sat, Dec 3, 2010