Ramadan moon was sighted in Bahrain and many countries on the night of May 16, 2018, and May 17, 2018 is first day of Ramadan and fast. RAMADAN MUBARAK to all Muslims Let this Ramadan give you the strength to do all that you wanted to do last year but couldn’t accomplish. I hope this… Continue reading RAMADAN MUBARAK

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Crochet: Stuff that i tried

Hello again,   This post is about the things i made using one yarn. I keep trying making new things using different yarn colours and sizes and for the first time i thought of actually buying a thin cotton yarn (1-3 mm hook can be used for it), usually i buy wool yarn or thick… Continue reading Crochet: Stuff that i tried

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Yellow & Red Bell Pepper Sauce Pasta

Hello Couple of months a go I tried different pasta sauces at a festival, and they tasted amazing, so I thought of trying to make my own pasta sauces at home. I did not expect that the sauces would taste REALLY GOOD and the recipe is very simple. Twice i tried making pasta differently and… Continue reading Yellow & Red Bell Pepper Sauce Pasta

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You are a Queen ..#WomansDay

You are a Queen To the women that inspired me and keep inspiring me ❤   My Grandma You have a big heart and so much patience, your sacrifices won't go waste. You play a very big role in making me who I am today. ❤ To My Mother A single parent is a warrior, and… Continue reading You are a Queen ..#WomansDay

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Tuna Rusk, Microwave #recipe

Hello   I've got this simple and easy snack or breakfast recipe that can be made in microwave. I hope when you try it, you like it. it is not spicy at all but tastes soo good, tuna and butter wow ...   Ingredients: 1- One small can of tuna (shredded) or you can use shredded… Continue reading Tuna Rusk, Microwave #recipe

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Crochet Bookmarks

For a long time I was thinking how to make a bookmark from crochet, so I got an idea to check the YouTube for some ideas and I tried two so far and I really love the results. Soon will try other ideas and post the results, these two were very easy to make.   Hope… Continue reading Crochet Bookmarks


مواليد بين برجين : الأسد – العذراء



مواليد بين برجين الأسد والعذراء : بين 19 – 24 august

وهنا صفاتهم بالتفصيل ..


١- المواليد هنا أذكياء إجتماعيين ، مشهورين غالباً ..

٢- المولود هنا يجمع بين السريّة وبين الإنفتاح ، بين الغموض والتصريح ذكاؤه يعتمد بدقته بموضوع متى يتكلم ومتى يصمت

٣- يملكون القدرة الكبيرة على التلاعب بمن حولهم وتطويعهم لمصالحهم دون إلحاق الضرر بهم وذلك يعود لموهبتهم بالحديث

٤- المولود هنا قد يبالغ بإخفاء بعض الأسرار حتى عن شريك حياته الأمر الذي يحول دون تقرّب المحيطين له ، ومعرفتهم به

٥- المولود هنا قد يعاني ويصرّح أن لا أحد يفهمه حقاً بينما هو يفهم الجميع ويعرف كيف يتعامل معهم السبب هو غموضه

٦- كما أن المولود هنا يتميز بالصلابة والقوة ولا يتخلى عن المهام الصعبة أياً كانت يملك الطموح والعزيمة للنجاح

٧- نعم قد يكون المولود هنا مبالغ بعض الأحيان بردات فعله درامي قليلاً .. لكنه إيجابي معظم الوقت ومُنجز ..

٨- المولود…

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People who like to be alone have these 6 special personality traits – BayArt

People who love to spend time alone have to explain themselves, as if it goes against a societal expectation of what’s normal and what’s not.   This post will help you not to judge but understand introvert personality people and understand their choices in life. My friends ask WHY many times, I hope this post answers… Continue reading People who like to be alone have these 6 special personality traits – BayArt


I am a Toastmaster

Who ever hears the name of Toastmsters for the first time thinks it's a culinary club. That's what I thought when my mother first joined Toastmasters, I was excited that I will get a chance to taste great food, and yes I did  get that chance, but she wasn't the one who cooked. It was the restaurant they… Continue reading I am a Toastmaster


Arafa Day

Tomorrow is Arafah Day The ninth day of Dhu'l-Hijjah (the 12th and final month of the Islamic calendar) is the Day of 'Arafah. It is the day when pilgrims stand on the plain of 'Arafah to pray. On this day, Muslims all over the world who do not witness the annual Hajj should spend the day in fasting, in preparation… Continue reading Arafa Day